Sarasota Catamaran

Our catamaran was designed in South Africa, where catamarans are plentiful and the water is rough. It is a planing catamaran so it rides best flying on top of waves instead of trudging them slowly.

True to its South African roots, it has 3 sneeze guards in the tunnel which keep you very dry. This combined with its 46” of freeboard, make it a great offshore vessel, but it’s 12” draft makes it a perfect inshore boat also.


The boat is all composite, has 15 and 30 gallon livewells, dual 144 qt. insulated fish boxes and lots of storage. The boat weighs only 4000 lbs. with twin 140s and can run at 57 mph with twin 150s. The 132 gallon fuel capacity gives it a 400 mile range.


Tidal Basin

Gulf Beaches


Shark Fin

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Hull Weight: 3200 Lbs.
Fuel Capacity: 132 Gallons
Length: 22’ 6”
Beam: 8’ 6”
Draft: 12”
Max HP: 300
Speed: 57 mph w/ Twin 150 hp.
Livewells: 15 gallon in Transom, 30 Gallon in Helm Seat
Insulated Fish Boxes: (2) 144 qt. in deck.